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Authentic Becoming is a Person-Centred Therapy and Coaching Service that, in addition, provides self-developmental workshops, talks and posts to assist the reconnection to your authentic, true Self and potential. Authentic becoming promotes your capacities for personal and professional growth so that you can discover and cultivate openness, self-responsibility, inner strength and readiness to find new ways forward in your life. 


Awa Sabrina Ottiger is a trained person-centred psychotherapist (MA), Coach, Speaker, Researcher in Authenticity and ecological Awareness & Founder of Authentic Becoming Therapy & Coaching. Over the last decade, her quest for the 'good authentic life' brought her around the globe where she co-created therapeutic environments for her clients to grow, reach their potential and move towards their True Selves.



"Authenticity is the key to survival."


Awa is an advocate for authenticity and ecological sensitivity and connection. In fact, she believes that authenticity is key to responding to our planetary crisis. While the last few deceased have seen advanced sustainable technologies in the generation of renewable energy and 'eco-friendly' statutory legislation, these 'external strategies' are not efficient enough to reverse the destructive trend. "An 'inward approach' to sustainability is needed now. And authenticity is the answer."

Because of the noise in the world, Awa sees her role in facilitating therapeutic spaces in which individuals can attend to their authentic, internal calling. "Authenticity means to truly listen to, see and own yourself. Only then a person can feel genuine empathy for themselves and their surrounding world. That's when we move from 'I' to 'we' and from 'ego' to 'eco'. 

Awa's call for authenticity is far-reaching. Thus, she collaborates with individuals and groups in personal, corporate and educational settings. 


Born into a world that did not make sense to me, I felt deep disappointment and sadness about the suffering I found myself in. Growing up with an intrinsic feeling to serve the world and to re-establish harmony in it, I was dedicated to finding out how it got lost in the first place and how to get it back.

While my studies in various disciplines, such as Cultural Studies, Practical Philosophy and Humanistic Psychotherapy provided some answers, it was my travels through foreign lands and the work among different cultures and religions that majorly impacted my journey toward the Truth I was looking for.


I had started my worldly travels with only one aim: To sacrifice my life for the survival and conservation of wildlife, in particular, the life of the Great Ape in the Borneon jungle. I was ready to fight, live a lonely life and die for a greater cause in the depth of the rainforest. I was fierce, profoundly passionate and quite dramatic, I realise now.


Yet, there was a turning point in my approach and understanding of my own mission when I became ill from tropical diseases. Hospitalization and recovery forced me to make a decision. Still going to Borneo would have put my life a great risk and continued my belief that I had to sacrifice my life for the survival of life around. Not going, would have meant that my dream had to die, yet, offered the opportunity to contribute to life without sacrificing myself. With a heavy, yet hopeful heart, I decided on the latter one. 

My next destination was no longer Borneo, but New Zealand and Northern California where I found refuge and time to heal.

Here I spent my time practising Karam Yoga, mindfulness and spirituality. Week after week it became clearer to me where I'd find the answers to my questions about the suffering in the world. The wisdom I was diligently looking for had always been close. In fact, I found it in the centre of myself. Over the next year, I redefined 'career' for myself and made the journey toward my True Self the priority in my life. 

Learning more about myself made me better understand others. I realised that the more authentic, connected and loving I became towards myself, the more authentic, connected and loving I would become towards my surrounding world. This personal experience brought the epiphany that this might also be the case for other people.

There it was – my answer to my questions. The harmony in the world got lost in the disconnection from ourselves and consequently from others and the natural context. In order to get it back, authenticity, self-love, empathy and connection needed to be awakened and cultivated again.


This is the point where Authentic Becoming comes into life. A service that aims to support individuals, groups and organizations to reconnect with their inner potential. Through personal, online therapy and coaching, genuine encountering, talks and posts, I hope to assist you in reconnecting to your authentic, loving self that lives in harmony with oneself and the rhythms of Nature. 

And what is your story? 

The only way out of this is in.

"The only way out of this is in."




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