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My life shifted greatly from barely surviving the day to standing on my own feet feeling rooted and safe. 


"When a log that has only just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they are separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity. After all, it is the same fire." – Eckhart Tolle


When I think of her therapeutic practice, I think of this quote. I was once that log that just started to burn. And for the last two and a half years, she has been fueling my fire. And Awa is there next to me. Burning intensely but gently. And that I trust greatly. Awa will be the light for you in the darkest place. And I think sooner or later you will start to realize you are becoming the light itself.

Yukiko S. 

I am learning the difference between being nice/likeable and being true/authentic/clear and kind.


I am genuinely excited to get to know myself better. I can see that I’m more active in seeking things that bring me joy, and turn my colours brighter! From the “big stuff” to the seemingly insignificant things, Awa is unwaveringly supportive and meets you exactly where you are.  At work, I am more confident in prioritising my well-being and as a result, I’m enjoying my work more – I trust that it won’t make me ill or burn out because I won’t let it make me ill. Thanks to my sessions with Awa over the last year, my life has changed in more ways than I could have expected. I am more confident, I am more connected with my partner, and I am recognising my own needs and desires and enjoying getting to know myself. I feel very grateful to have Awa in my corner. I have been able to implement a huge change in my home life, which I’m not sure I would have had the clarity or confidence before my sessions with Awa. I feel so much more protected and able to thrive from talking out my concerns with Awa and her helping me to recognise patterns and boundaries which I can change.


I really like that I don’t feel like I’m “in therapy”, Awa’s approach is gentle and warm and it often feels like talking to a wise friend than a clinical professional. She is truly a wonderful therapist and I am grateful to have Awa in my corner.


It’s just amazing to have someone to talk to that is impartial and uninvolved and that will just listen and understand your viewpoint.


I have really benefited from the sessions! When we started I was in quite the bad way getting over a breakup of some sort and I didn’t know where else to turn but therapy. Since then, I have slowly been getting over this breakup but still chose to continue with the therapy. I’m trying to be more open with my feelings in my relationships now since that is something I’ve always struggled with, so I have been improving that slowly.  And whatever I say I am not worried that I am judged or that it will impact our relationship (as opposed to if you may share something with a friend). I love that it is so gentle and calm. And it comes from a point of trying to understand and to make sense of things which has helped me a lot when trying to deal with my situations. I like that you see depth and meaning in a lot of detail or things that I would have easily overlooked. And probably one of my favourite things about your approach is that you always seem to know when to talk and when not to. When you can sense that I want to share something and want to dump my thoughts onto you, you listen. And when you can sense that I am a bit puzzled about something, you always find the right words to calm me down and to summarise what I said. Hearing my words summarised by you often gives me a great deal of clarity.

Fran M.

Some of the issues I work with frequently include:

Loss & Grief
Emotional Abuse
Physial Abuse
Sexual Abuse

To me, it has been worth every penny of investment I have ever made and without it, difficult situations and challenging life experiences would have been without a doubt so much harder.

I like the fact that I am truly heard and listened to, something that quite often is not experienced in my life. I look at the way I interact with the world so much more now than I ever used to, how it makes me feel and how I react to it. I would wholeheartedly recommend embarking on therapy with Awa.  Awa has helped me look at myself and my life situations with real clarity, it has helped me through some exceptionally dark moments and given me confidence that quite often lacked in my life.  An honest truth is that therapy is tough, you must have a willing and openness that you may never have experienced before.  One must be open to delving into the dark and difficult corners of their mind and expose them with real honesty and nakedness. Whilst this is scary and hard, Awa’s non-judgemental, relaxed, kind and experienced therapeutic style makes doing this very easy. Not only does this benefit yourself it also benefits those around and the people you love the most.  

Tess M.

After 60 years, I have found the courage to face my problems. My therapy experience has taught me not to ignore past issues. It will only hold you back from being yourself.

When I started therapy in early 2022, I had big problems accepting my early childhood problems. Growing up the family environment was often confusing, harmful and unpredictable. My significant mental health and self-esteem issues intensified in my youth and later in life. I've felt wrong and inferior all my life. I tried to create a balance within myself through an intense need for control of my living and working environment, but I failed in the long run. It collapsed. Therapy helped me accept my childhood and later life as it was. During the sessions, I learned to accept myself. My automatic-control-mechanisms have dissipated through the discussions with my therapist. Awa showed me ways to rediscover my authenticity. I am still at the beginning of a long journey. In the end, I hope to find an answer to the question: “Who am I really?”

Mike S.

Not being provided solutions by Awa allows me to come to my own conclusions of what is felt to be right.


I find these sessions to be such a valuable investment, and am unsure as to why I was reluctant to start initially. I have been made to feel very safe and comfortable since starting therapy, and am continuing to gain positive new insights and perspectives about myself and my life. I have found the sessions extremely helpful and insightful. Providing a space which never feels judgemental. On the whole, the sessions have exceeded my expectations of what I hoped for when initially seeking therapy. Therapy has helped me to really question some of my own theories and feelings and reframe them.

K. S.

It’s been mind-blowing, some of the realisations that I’ve come to in our sessions, that have completely changed the way I’ve viewed myself and the world around me.

I was feeling overwhelmed, desperate, full of anxiety and the smallest things would send me to the edge of a breakdown. I was hesitant to try therapy again, but something about Awa / Authentic Becoming struck me as different. After reading her approach online, it felt much more refreshing than the types of therapy I’d tried before. Awa has helped me have confidence in myself, my thoughts and beliefs. Awa has helped me understand behaviours and patterns I have been cycling through for years. Even friends and family have been noticing big changes and they’re only seeing what’s on the ‘outside’. Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, lost or desperate, speaking with Awa will help you regain your sense of balance and feel more rooted in yourself. 

Katie J.

"My client. My teacher"



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