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It’s been mind-blowing, some of the realisations that I’ve come to in our sessions, that have completely changed the way I’ve viewed myself and the world around me.

I was feeling overwhelmed, desperate, full of anxiety and the smallest things would send me to the edge of a breakdown. I was hesitant to try therapy again, but something about Awa / Authentic Becoming struck me as different. After reading her approach online, it felt much more refreshing than the types of therapy I’d tried before. Awa has helped me have confidence in myself, my thoughts and beliefs.


Awa has helped me understand behaviours and patterns I have been cycling through for years. Even friends and family have been noticing big changes and they’re only seeing what’s on the ‘outside’. Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, lost or desperate, speaking with Awa will help you regain your sense of balance and feel more rooted in yourself. 

Katie J.

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