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Awa Sabrina Ottiger is a person-centred psychotherapist (MA) and founder of Authentic Becoming. Awa specialises in promoting individual authenticity. She is strongly dedicated to nurturing your personal and professional growth capacities so that you can discover and cultivate openness, self-responsibility, inner strength and readiness to find new ways forward in your life.




Awa is an advocate for the person-centred approach and authenticity. Her field of research is positive psychology with a focus on human flourishing. In a recent publication, Awa has explored the relationship between authenticity and ecological-sensitivity and was able to show that there is a relationship between the two. Awa is deeply passionate about the promotion of the person-centred approach and authenticity inside and outside the therapy room. 

"The more connected and caring we become towards ourselves, the more connected and caring we become towards the world around us. And that's a world I want to be involved in."

To offer further opportunities for stirring thoughts and conversations, Awa publishes a column on authenticity-related topics every week.  


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