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A therapy session is 50 minutes long and offered in a 1:1 online setting. The service is offered in English, German, Spanish and Swiss.


The aim of therapy is the process itself. This means that whatever you usually struggle with, find difficult or miss about yourself and in relationships with others - this is the place to explore how it feels to be you in your world. Any discomfort, conditions and things you might usually avoid become accessible in the therapeutic space.

While every client starts their therapeutic journey at a different point in their personal development, the direction remains the same  - From suffering to human flourishing. 

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Your therapist's work is rooted in person-centred theory and practice. The person-centred approach is a relational approach that emphasises the importance of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. 


The person-centred approach is based on humanistic psychology and is founded on three basic conditions that the therapist aims to offer you in your process at all times: Empathy, Authenticity and Unconditionality. The therapist is dedicated to supporting you to gain more self-confidence, self-responsibility and self-ownership, so that (again) you know for yourself that you are in control of creating the life you want.


You decide the pace and depth you are willing to explore from session to session. Therefore, your therapist is not going to push you or walk in front of you on your journey, but walks right next to you.

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