Updated: May 4, 2020

Later, I will write the book I've been wanting to write for years.

Later, I will participate in a meditation practice group.

Later, I will make time for dance classes and nature walks over the weekends.

Later, I might even change career and become a drummer.

Later, I will treat myself for dinner inclusive dessert with a follow up visit to the theatre.

Later, I will quit my job. Maybe I even sell the house, buy a van and become a traveler.

Yes, later I will be an explorer and dicover the world.

Later, yes later, I will enjoy life.

Later. Not now.

Now, I need to work.

I need to save as much money as I possibly can.

Now, my needs and wild visions are not as important.

Now, my life and endeavours, my inspiration and passion - they come second.

'Work first. You can live later.' Isn't it what they say?

But, when exactly is 'Later'?

How do we know where the 'Later' ends and the 'Now' begins?

Why do we seem to put our lives in the queue next to the 'Later' rather than the 'Now'?

This makes me wonder: When do we live when all we ever have is our lives in the 'Now'? When will we allow and embrace our dreams, visions and colourful lives from 'Later' to appear in the 'Now'?

What if 'Now' was knocking at your door right now? - saying: 'Hi, I am here.'

Would you release a jubilant cheer or fearful scream?

What would you change right now? (If anything.)

Once you stop screaming, you maybe would invite 'Now' in.

Maybe 'Now' would look at you in sorrow, saying:

Where the heck are you?

You are missing out on so much.

All the days out in nature walking along the rivers and mountain chains; all the mornings silently watching the sun rise; all the intriguing literature; all the evening seminars; all the visits in the small quirky independent coffee shops around the corner; all the people you have not met yet - All those untouched possibilities of quality lifetime.

You are missing out on them.

Becoming yourself means to dedicate time to yourself.

Not taking the time for and with yourself,

will not bring you any closer to the person you want to be.

Now is the moment for your life to be lived.

Now, ist he time when your story starts.

Now. Not later.

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